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Offering Workday® Expertise in Human Capital Management, Talent & Performance, Recruiting, Learning, Reporting, and Workday Studio (BIRT)


Simple & straight-forward. Improving your Workday® in a lasting way that takes things off your plate. Capturing that delicate balance between best-practice and the nuanced approach that makes you, you. Workday® should make your job easier, your insights brighter and your path forward clearer. My mission is to make that your reality.

Maddy Lynch

Workday Architect

Driven by the belief that easier and better options are always possible, Maddy brings a passion for equipping Workday Clients with valuable data and actionable insights at their fingertips.  Leveraging 7 years of consulting across a variety of functional areas, Maddy provides data-driven solutions for new-age corporate challenges. Our goal is to maintain a healthy Workday tenant, maximize utilization, and minimize effort.  Your Workday should work for you. Less Work, More Day.