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Add Skills to Job Profiles in Bulk

Add Skills to Job Profiles in Bulk

Continuing within our Workday Skills Cloud series, here we are going to deep-dive into placing Skills on Job Profiles in bulk via Mass Action.  We’ll cover what it looks like, the steps to do it, and why we should even bother in the first place.

Why Bother?

Better Suggestions: Nothing will “break” if you don’t place skills on Job Profiles.  But it will make suggestions within the system more accurate.  Take it as an opportunity to better inform Workday and remove some of the guesswork.  Workday can infer what Skills are involved for this job profile based on free text descriptions and other associated details, OR you could tell Workday specifically what Skills are involved. This impact spreads to any of the suggestions that Workday is making referencing a Job Profile as an input (Ex: Skills a worker might have, Skills to put on a job requisition).

Transparency: Workday’s AI and Machine Learning is not the only thing looking at your job profiles.  Your workforce is too!  From recruiting to career growth, increasing specificity on your job profiles will only increase the accuracy with which roles are advertised, pursued, and staffed.

Add Skills to Job Profile via Mass Action

Our first stop needs to be to Maintain Skills and Experience Setup to confirm we’ve checked the box to Populate Suggested Skills for Job Profiles

This will allow our second stop, delivered report Suggested Skills for Job Profiles to do the thing we need it to do — suggest skills!  Prior to this report, we were on the hook to come up with all the skills we wanted to place on all our job profiles.  Which was inevitably always a herculean effort. But no longer!

We’ll have the option to run this report for all Job Profiles, or a specific subset of job profiles based on Job Family, Job Family Group, or selected individually.

This report gives us three styles of skill suggestions with logic that is easy to track:

Suggestions based on text blocks within the Job Profile itself

Suggestions based on text blocks from associated job requisitions

Suggestions based on skills assigned to associated job requisitions

It is this report that we are technically plugging into our mass action.  We will run the task Launch Mass Action Event and populate our prompts:

Mass Action = Edit Skills for Job Profiles

Report = Suggested Skills for Job Profiles

You will have the option to run this task for all job profiles or a smaller subset.  Want to go rogue and add skills that didn’t show up in the Suggested Skills for Job Profiles report? You can! Feel free to add required or optional skills at will, just be careful when doing custom additions in bulk, the skills you select will appear on all the job profiles involved.

Remember those three styles of skill suggestions our Suggested Skills for Job Profiles report was returning?  You can specify which style, and how many skills from each style you would like to add.  That report will only return a max of 10 from each style, and if I select 5 it will be the first 5. 

Once we hit OK, Workday will launch a background process that generates our Mass Action Workbook.  We are almost done folks, I promise. Within our mass action Workbook we can confirm our displayed data looks as it should, troubleshoot any errors, and click Validate All. 

The final button to press will be Submit and just like that, all of our Job Profile Skills dreams have come true!