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Goals, Meet Competencies

Goals, Meet Competencies

One question we have been getting more frequently is, “are we able to connect goals with competencies?”

The answer is yes, which is great! What’s even better is that the set-up is quick & easy.  The task you will need is Configure Talent Tags.  Theres MORE Talent Tag functionality to cover here but for the purpose of this blog post, we just need to select the Competency Talent Tag in the Goals section drop-down.

The Talent Tag selection needed to link Goals and Competencies
Every selectable Talent Tag within task Configure Talent Tags

Once we’ve done that, and assuming you have competencies configured, employees will now have a Relates To field within the Additional Details tab of their goals.  From here they can select multiple existing competencies to associate with an individual goal.

Any competencies selected to relate to a goal become reportable attributes on that goal; meaning, if you are interested in reporting on this connectivity across the organization, you can!

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