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What Is My Development Item Related To?

What Is My Development Item Related To?

We’re back for another round of interconnectivity between Talent objects with a deep-dive into how Talent Tags could make your Development Items more robust.

We’ve touched on Talent Tags before specific to Goals & Competencies (Goals, Meet Competencies ).  If that peaks your interest, click on over.

Today we’re going to start in task Configure Talent Tags. Below you’ll see that I’ve select all possible options available to us for the moment.  We’ll be focusing on Development Items, and why it might be of interest to reference Competencies, Job Profiles, Work Experience, or all three!

If you begin to worry about white-space, and making Development Items too busy – fear not!  Whether you select to include all three talent tags (competencies, job profiles, and work experience) or just one, they all live within one additional drop-down list of Relates To.

Why Would I Do This?

Development Items and Goals are similar features, configuration-wise.  Where they differ the most, in my humble opinion, is in intent.  Goals are often involved in performance reviews and applied a rating.  They are built around the roles & responsibilities of your position. Development Items, on the other hand, can be a bit more lofty.  Less “what I’m supposed to be doing” and more “what I want to be doing.”

To this end, as Workday itself delves deeper into the world of Career Growth, we are able to take something more lofty, forward-thinking – and attach specifics.

For an example around Development Plans, let’s say your workforce has taken the time to update their career profile and profess what Job Profiles they are interested in.  Wonderful!  But, now what?  The connectivity of Talent Tags would allow workers to take that interest, and specifically reference it as they craft a series of Development Items to go about achieving it.

For an example around a Performance Improvement Plan, let’s say an employee really struggled with one particular competency during their Mid-Year Review.  In preparation for the Year-End Review, they are on a PIP focused on that competency.

Can you continue on without Talent Tags? Absolutely.  But this is one of the most straight-forward configuration updates in my arsenal and it is simply too EASY to make Development Items more than just a jumble of free text floating in cyberspace.  If you’re talking about a specific competency, if you’re referencing a specific job profile, why not go ahead and tag it? I can’t think of a good reason not to!