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What’s Automatically Available in Learning 2024 R1?

What’s Automatically Available in Learning 2024 R1?

A lot! We’ve got six automatically available updates with the general theme being efficiency and data availability. Less digging for the tasks and information you need, less manual effort to perform actions in bulk. Let’s take a look at what’s showing up in your Production tenant!

  • Select Offering Redesign – Administrators & Managers
  • Select Offering Redesign – Learners
  • Initial Assignment & Retrain Window
  • Get Learning Courses Web Service
  • Mass Enroll in Course Offering
  • Mass Drop Program Enrollments

Select Offering Redesign – Administrators & Managers

In the spirit of providing more relevant information on offering tables during enrollments, Workday has updated the offerings table for the following enrollment tasks:

  • Learning Facilitated Enroll
  • Learning Mass Enroll (Mass Enroll button)
  • Manager Enroll (Enroll My Team button)
  • Mass Enroll by Role

Updates include:

  • Combining seats available & capacity into one Availability column
  • Cost & Version display if and only if there are values populating
  • Location now displays the location of the lesson, rather than the primary location
  • Offering Number column displays a unique ID to differentiate between offerings

Select Offering Redesign – Learners

Like the redesign for Admins & Managers, the focus here for Learners  is more relevant information, front & center. When selecting an offering, the offerings are now automatically sorted by start date and available capacity. Lesson location, cost, and version are included in the table if applicable, and there is a back/review button to toggle between a selected lesson and the general offering screen. Workday has also incorporated their “pop-up modal” that we’re seeing sprinkled across a few functional areas (thinking goals).   The Select Offering, Review & Confirm screens no longer navigate you to a new page.

Initial Assignment & Retrain Window

The retrain window functionality has historically been a bit confusing and counter-intuitive. This update aims to inject clarity and reduce duplicative completions.  The below two scenarios outline expected behavior:

  • If a learner completes an initial assignment inside of the retrain window, the next expiration date (not the current) will apply for their retraining assignment
  • If a learner completes their initial assignment outside of the retrain window, the current expiration date will apply for their retraining assignment.

Get Learning Courses Web Service

It is now possible to generate the Manage Learning Course EIB with data! At the moment this is not applicable for Programs, but blended and digital courses are fair game. Historically, this EIB was not an efficient option because it would clear out any existing course information that wasn’t explicitly included. Without the ability to populate the spreadsheet with data, that effort was incredibly time consuming.  Going forward, making edits to courses in bulk can be much more efficient.

Mass Enroll in Course Offering

Short, sweet, and to-the-point. Workday has made it easier to enroll learners into a course offering in bulk. The pathway to follow from the related actions of a course offering is Course > Mass Enroll.

Mass Drop Program Enrollments

Sticking with the theme of actions done in bulk, Workday automatically delivers the ability for Administrators to mass drop learners from programs.