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What’s Automatically Available in Talent 2024 R1?

What’s Automatically Available in Talent 2024 R1?

A lot! Most of the Talent Optimization updates for 2024 R1 were automatically available! Let’s take a look at what should now be showing up in your Production tenant.

  • Dynamic Talent Pool Membership
  • Save Jobs to Career Hub Plan
  • Gigs Rebrand to Flex Teams
  • Skills Miscellaneous Enhancements
  • Talent Miscellaneous Enhancements

Dynamic Talent Pool Membership

Workday’s now running a background process daily to update the membership of your dynamic talent pools.  You don’t have to do anything except expect more accurate membership in your dynamic talent pools. They’ve also thrown a membership count column into delivered report Talent Pools, and the ability to manually update membership if you need to see the latest-and-greatest right now.

Save Jobs to Career Hub Plan

Within Career Hub, end-users now can save Jobs to their Career Hub Plan like they can Mentors and Connections.

Gigs Rebrand to Flex Teams

The title “gigs” didn’t seem to represent the functionality behind it or help anyone discern what it was for.  “Flex Teams” will hopefully close that gap.  But, if you disagree and finally got your team used to the “gigs” verbiage, you can keep it via Custom Labels

Skills Miscellaneous Enhancements

The cap on the number of skills you can request ratings or endorsements for via Feedback has increased from 5 to 100.

Talent Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Gig Images: 8 new gig cover image options
  • Career Hub for Mobile: Career Hub mobile improvements by allowing for filter and search on Browse All pages
  • Employee Reviews Started Field: When viewing an employee review template, it now displays the number of employee reviews that have been initiated.
  • Locked Feedback Template Warning: Workday no longer throws a warning when an end-user selects a locked-template to request feedback if all available templates are locked.
  • Manager Insights Hub Security: Manager Insights Hub has added security configuration options for Suggested Opportunities.
  • Manage Goals EIB: The Manage Goals web service can now leverage goal instances.