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What’s New with Goals?

What’s New with Goals?

The short answer? A lot! the 2023 R2 Workday® Updates AND the 2024 R1 Workday® Updates included enhancements to the Goal setting functionality within Talent Optimization for the first time in a while.

So what?

What’s the point? Workday® Goals are now much easier for end-users to interact with; fewer clicks, more intuitive actions, and the information you need front-and-center. Your internal team should get fewer goal-related questions, and there are more opportunities to customize the information you collect.

A walk down memory lane

Before we get into the details, let’s revist what the Workday® goal interface used to look like prior to the Goal User Experience Redesign. The UI was a bit dated and the Maintain Goal Setup task only allowed us to include or exclude goal elements, not optionally hide or require based on security.

What changed in 2023 R2?

In the 2023 R2 batch of updates, Workday® did the following:

  • Overhauled the task Maintain Goal Setup to hide or require optional fields
  • Introduced the “card” layout (akin to the People Experience homepage aesthetic)
  • Bundled Individual Goals, Archived Goals, and Organizational Goals together into one Goals tab
  • Replaced the general Edit button with more intuitive Create, Edit, and View options
  • Introduced an icon for when a goal was locked

What changed in 2024 R1?

In the 2024 R1 batch of updates, Workday® did the following:

  • Renamed Restore Goals to Unarchive Goals
  • Added an Archive or Unarchive button
  • Introduced side card pop-out functionality for viewing & editing goals
  • Included Category on goal cards

Getting Started with the new Goal User Experience

This feature remains Opt-In (for now) but is automatically turned on in non-Production tenants. To enable in Production, navigate to Maintain Feature Opt-Ins and opt-in to the Goals User Experience Redesign Changes.

Once you do this, you should also update your profile group configuration for the Worker Profile > Performance section.  The new Goals tab combines what was previously two separate tabs for Individual Goals and Archived Goals.